Optimize Investment Performance

Comprehensive Asset Management

We Build Real Estate Portfolios, Manage Property Taxes, and Deliver Valuation Optimization.

We work continuously to evaluate property competitive positions then strive to make strategic investment decisions that add, grow, and preserve values.

Developers, investors, insurers, and lenders looking to reduce investment risks and strengthen equity positions at the property level, our suite of services is the ultimate value management solution. 

Investment Management Services

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Asset Management

Analyze proper performance to evaluate buy/sell/hold/refinance decisions. Service typically includes:

  • Routine valuations to monitor expectations 

  • Manage NOI, Cash Flows, and IRR


  • Analyze markets, forecast trends, and align planned strategies

  • Monitor variance in risk assumptions and actuals

  • Review property management leasing activity and capital expense budgets

  • REO asset management

  • Highest best use and feasibility analysis 

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Commercial Brokerage

Acquire assets that add value to your portfolio. We focus on retail, shopping centers, office, industrial, multi-family, and hotel properties. This service typically includes:

    • Represent sellers, landlords, buyers, and tenants in transactions

    • BOV/BPO (Broker Opinion of Value/Broker Price Opinion)

    • Acquire and dispose of real property assets, including a business

    • Investment analysis and measure financial feasibility (upon request)

    • Investor profit splitting calculations (upon request)

    • Represent sellers, landlords, buyers, and tenants in transactions

    New installed apartment complex

    Property Tax Management

    Review annual tax assessment notices. We appeal and provide representation on your behalf. Our services typically include:

    • Examination of annual assessment notices for potential reduction

    • File tax appeals

    • Communicate recommended values to county tax appraiser

    •  Representation at tax appeal hearings

    • Cost segregation services outsourced to third-party specialist to lower tax liabilities (upon request)

    Valuation Optimization Processes

    FCA Asset Management Service Products

    Select the product that is right for your business needs.

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    Property Tax Solutions

                Begin a property tax savings plan today.

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