Property Tax Consulting

Property Tax Consulting

Common mistakes property owners make

  • Not Appeal
  • Pay for appraisal reports that often backfire
  • Miss appeal deadlines
  • Use ineffective appeal arguments”
  • Perform inadequate research or incomplete analysis to appeal successfully
  • Believe they can’t afford a Tax Representative
  • Submit as evidence appraisals that omit the very research necessary for property tax assignments

Benefits of a successfully appealed CRE Notice of Assessment

  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased property value
  • Increased marketability
  • Locked-in FMV value for three years


Appealing your property taxes is a no none-sense strategy to reduce operating costs and improve cash flow. Our qualified Tax Consultants are ready to ensure you are not paying over your fair share of taxes due to over assessed values. We do the hard work for you.





If We Don’t Win Your Appeal, You Don’t Pay!

Appeals Process:

  • FCA will file a Letter of Appeal on your behalf disputing the Fair Market Value (FMV) Notice of Assessment. The Letter of Appeal will be filed to the Board of Assessors prior to the county deadline.
  • FCA submits a recommended value reduction of your property based on our review of the property and market research.
  • The county’s assigned appraiser reviews the letter, property, and recommended value.
  • The county responds by acknowledging that a Letter of Appeal has been received and that the FMV Assessment is under appeal.
  • Following a Board of Assessor’s review, the county will issue one of two responses:

Reject the Value – A “No Change Letter” indicates the county’s review considers their estimate to be fair

Accept the Value – A “30-Day Letter” indicates the county has revised the FMV and the property has 30 days to accept or reject the county’s change of value.

  • FCA, responds in like kind. On behalf of the client, we will accept or reject the county’s decision. If the value is accepted, this will become the final assessment for the effective tax year. If the value is rejected, the appeals process will automatically proceed to the next step.

Benefits of an FCA Management Account:

  • “Tax Management” Account –Free annual tax review.
  • “Asset Management” Account – Free annual tax review and representation at Board of Equalization hearings.