Real Property Asset Management

Asset Management

Portfolio Optimization

An FCA skilled team helps clients develop effective strategies to invest, manage, and preserve real property wealth.  Your personal asset manager will initiate the Asset Business Plan and direct the custom team to execute the work. The aim is to enhance probability of required ROI, Return on Investment, by implementing market strategy, preventive and corrective risk management responses, monitoring portfolio performance, and recommending targeted changes.

Preventive Measures

We are preventive oriented. When assessing your investment portfolio for property acquisition and disposition recommendations, we combine elaborate research capabilities, due diligence, and asset projections. We leverage a financial analysis software and maximize other resources to transform the collection of raw data into actionable intelligence. We analyze existing and prospective assets to determine their point on FCA’s Analytics Diagram, a detailed insight to a property’s marketable and risk positions. The outcome of informational data is further examined against trends. All together, offering the keys to a comprehensive strategy tailored for your needs and aims. An informed business decision is utilized to develop and execute a preventive or corrective action plan per asset.

Customized Solutions

Every investment strategy begins with a detailed checklist. We ask you about your investment history and experience, your short and long-term goals. Also we will touch on if you plan on taking an active or passive role, and your level or risk tolerance. We do that to tailor your investment plan as closely to your needs as possible. Everything else is built up on these insights. It lets us develop a niche or diversified portfolio that’s aligned with your real estate objectives as closely as possible.

Benefits of an FCA Asset Management Account

  • Unlimited access to real estate investment advice and consultation
  • Customized team with a Lead Consultant
  • On-line account to monitor portfolio performance
  • Know the value of your assets at any given time
  • Maximized portfolio value
  • Build or maintain a robust niche or diversified portfolio
  • Formulated strategic plan to manage under-performing assets
  • Identify projects no longer delivering value and execute exit strategy
  • Annual Property Tax Reviews
  • Investment analysis
  • Lease analysis
  • Split profit analysis
  • Quarterly Portfolio Reports